Reefscapers coral lines deep refuge

Coral Propagation – Monthly Progress

At Kuda Huraa during November, we transplanted 20 new coral frames, and monitored a further 155 mature frames at various sites around the island. In addition, we retransplanted 10 degraded frames, and removed nine old frames for recoating and recycling.

At Landaa this month, we transplanted 24 coral frames, kindly sponsored by guests (nine), online (one), and the Resort (14), adding a total of 1138 coral fragments to the reef. We monitored (cleaned, repaired, photographed) a total of 139 established coral frames at various sites around the island. We have also been lifting 12 buried frames out of the seasonally shifting sands, replacing a total of 900 dead fragments.

Parrot Reef Relocation – This month, two Parrot Reef dives were undertaken, and 900 fragments were recycled in the untagged patch.

Mitigation Against Coral Bleaching in the Maldives

  • The Shipwreck – this month, we completed three dives to monitor our 17 small test frames. Further monitoring will provide crucial information on fragment survival, attachment, and growth rates. We hope to determine whether this new deep site will be useful year-round, or if it will serve only as a temporary coral refuge during the bleaching season.
  • Cage and Coral Lines – two dives this month, to re-establish our House Reef Coral Lines, fixing broken pipes, and tying loose ropes. We will soon start to transplant new fragments to broaden the pool of refuge species, sheltering from the upcoming warm season.
Reefscapers coral lines deep refuge