Carlo coral rescue project Maldives frame maintenance

We regularly clean, maintain and photograph our Reefscapers coral frames

Hi there! I’m Carlo from Italy, the new Reefscapers Assistant Coral Biologist at Four Seasons Resort Kuda Huraa, Maldives. Having graduated in Marine Sciences just over a month ago, joining Marine Savers was the perfect opportunity to start making an impact in the field of marine conservation. Having studied corals in the Indo-Pacific region in the past, it feels like home to be in the warm crystal-clear waters of the Maldives.

Carlo Gargioni

Carlo Gargioni

Assistant Coral Biologist, Kuda Huraa

Carlo’s connection with the water comes from a long way back. A childhood spent taking care of aquaria and freshwater ponds cultivated his passion for the natural world, and his core values developed a respect and care for all creatures.
During his academic studies in Natural and Marine Sciences, Carlo’s fascination for the marine world brought him from Italy all the way to Indonesia and South Africa, where he was able to join conservation efforts towards the protection of corals and elasmobranch species.

In April 2023, Carlo joined the Kuda Huraa team as our Reefscapers assistant Coral Biologist. With many interesting coral projects in development at Marine Savers, his enthusiastic nature will allow him to make a difference for years to come!

Carlo coral biologist Maldives Reefscapers wild hawksbill

Hawksbill turtle hanging out with our coral biologists!

Carlo coral biologist Maldives Reefscapers clownfish

Maldivian clown fish – at our Anemone Rock site

I’m getting a chance to make a difference by studying coral spawning, and also monitoring for coral bleaching. I also educate our Resort guests on marine biodiversity and the issues faced by all the iconic creatures that call our gorgeous Maldivian waters home!

As a coral lover, I like to think I am in tune with these magnificent animals. Indeed, my arrival at Marine Savers coincided with a mesmerising seasonal coral spawning event, which allowed me to dive right into the heart of our research here at Reefscapers. Despite this time of the year being critical for the survival of corals, with bleaching events evermore frequent around the world, I am excited to be contributing to data collection with the aim of better understanding coral health and resilience to warming oceans.

Carlo coral rescue Maldives reefs

Relocating mature rescue corals to our Reefscapers pyramid frames

With so many iconic marine species inhabiting the waters of Kuda Huraa, every day is unique and full of opportunities to learn… while having fun! Hawksbill turtles are often hanging out with the staff at our house reef, and once out of the water, the Olive Ridley’s are always waiting for our care and attention at our Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

If we’re not underwater or on land, you can find us on exciting cruises on the lookout for dolphins. Science in Kuda Huraa is interesting and such good fun, and I can’t wait to see what surprises the ocean will bring to me in my time at Marine Savers. Bring it on!

Ciao for now👋
Carlo 💙

Carlo coral biologist Maldives Reefscapers dolphin

A day spent with Spinner dolphins is always an exciting treat!