Welcome to Marine Savers

by @ReefscapersMaldives and @FSMaldives

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▶️ Video Tour of our @Marine Savers projects by @Reefscapers and @Four Seasons Maldives

Our team of marine biologists will talk you through our various marine conservations projects at Landaa Giraavaru.
You can watch our 4 minute video in 2 different versions for playing on either phone  (vertical) or laptop (widescreen).

Revitalisation: Collective Action for the Ocean
> Welcome: Simon (Centre Manager); Aku (aquaculture expert) explains the fish breeding projects in our Fish Lab.
> Turtles:Katrina (veterinarian), injuries, satellite tagging, ‘Flying Turtles’; lagoon swim, ocean enclosure.
> Corals: Margaux, fragment harvesting, out-planting, guest sponsorship, coral spawning research.
> Dolphin ID Project: Helen studying population dynamics; boat cruise, underwater video.

> BONUS: be sure to catch our Instagram video of turtle patient Ari, going for a rehabilitation swim in the lagoon!

Marine Savers team video

🌊 Come take an ocean swim with Ari at Kuda Huraa ! 💦

Join 📸 @bethanywilkinson (Turtle Biologist) and 🎬 @charliesp.mb (Marine Biologist) with Ari the Olive Ridley for a swim in the  lagoon at Kuda Huraa. This regular exercise is part of her enriched rehabilitation, to improve buoyancy syndrome and to encourage her to dive for sea grass.

We are honoured to work in research and conservation with these magnificent creatures…and are determined to do everything we can to protect them from the endless threats they face. From plastic pollution to reef destruction to climate change, sea turtles are fighting a losing battle… but assuming all turtles have the same fierce determination to survive as Ari, we are optimistic for their future💪