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2nd April: Seven turtles rescued from a single ghost net !

An amazing discovery today by the boat crew of Landaa Giraavaru’s “Summer 2”, as they encountered a large ghost (drifting) fishing net, with an incredible SEVEN Olive Ridley sea turtles entangled inside. A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in the rescue.

All the turtles were immediately admitted to our turtle rescue centre –
– 5 juveniles (30-40cm)
– 1 adult female (>55cm)
– 1 adult male (65cm)

We gave each turtle a thorough checkup, and they were found to be healthy, energetic and not suffering from any buoyancy problems. Five of the turtles were released back into the sea, but we are still treating the adult male (for a lacerated rear flipper) and one of the juveniles (sadly, requiring flipper amputation).

5th April – Release of Isabella & Sofia

Isabella was found on 31 March in the channel between Landaa Giraavaru and Kamadhoo, entangled in a fishing net (along with another turtle that sadly died). Many thanks to the Volpi family, who assisted with the rescue and shared their photos with us.
Sofia was brought to our Centre on the 1st day of April, by the launch team from nearby Reethi Beach Resort (thanks for your help, guys) who spotted the entangled turtle in the same area between Landaa Giraavaru and Kamadhoo.
Both turtles were suffering from lacerations to their flippers, and showed slight buoyancy problems (difficulties in diving). Following a few days of care and good food in our rehabilitation pools, they regained their strength & energy and were ready for release. We attached satellite tracking devices to enable us to follow their progress as they swim around the Maldivian atolls and beyond, carried by the seasonal currents. Very little is known about sea turtle migration patterns and populations, especially in the SE Asian region.
You can follow their progress on our Interactive Satellite Map, which is updated daily with the locations of our released turtles (you can also view the courses our previous turtles have taken, from 2012-2014).

15th March – “Bonita” Admittance

Bonita was found floating near Meedhupparu Island Resort (Raa atoll), although there were no signs of any ghost net entanglement.
A big thanks to Judith (Meedhuparu dive team) for alerting us, and arranging transfer of the sick turtle to our Centre here at Landaa Giraavaru.


Bonita was found to be a female Olive Ridley turtle, 62cm carapace length, slightly dehydrated but without any visible recent injury. Her right flipper is broken, with an old wound indicative of previous entanglement in a ghost net. The wound is healing well, but unfortunately she does not have any independent movement in the lower part of this flipper. She has a few old carapace abrasions, which just need some weekly cleaning.
She is also suffering from buoyancy problems (unable to submerge), so we are feeding a low-weight diet along with Lactulose to assist with any air or blockage in the digestive tract.