In January, we successfully transplanted 22 new coral frames around Kuda Huraa, evenly distributed between the Green Lagoon, Spa and House Reef sites. We are slowly developing the Green lagoon as a snorkelling site, increasing fish activity around the Spa and planting frames at depths greater than 5m on the House Reef in case of coral bleaching through March and April.

At Landaa Giraavaru, we transplanted 26 new coral frames, and monitored (cleaned, repaired, photographed) a total of 420 frames (at the Water Villas, Staff Beach and Coral Garden).
The Coral Garden is more than 4 years old now, and the frames here are fully grown and in good condition, supporting a variety of fish life – butterfly fish, surgeon fish, damselfish, and also large groupers and blue fin trevallies. The frames are also favourite shelters for many types of puffer fish and porcupine fish.

Reefscapers coral frame slideshow (after clicking, please wait a few seconds for the large images to load).


Reefscapers - coral frames at the Water Villas

Reefscapers – coral frames at the Water Villas, Landaa Giraavaru