Fish Lab

During January, we saw three spawns from our breeding pairs of Maldivian Clownfish (Amphiprion nigripes), and four batches from the Clark’s Clownfish (Amphiprion clarkii). We now have over 1,000 juveniles hatched over the previous six months, and have recently been sorting them according to age and size.

Our fish food production is also going very well. Our zooplankton rotifers are growing well and in good concentration. The phytoplankton (algae) cultures are at different stages, in containers varying from 100ml to 100 litres in size, totalling over 1,300 litres!

Anemone Garden Project – our divided anemones have been growing very well, and some of them are now ready to be returned to the lagoon. We plan to position these in strategic locations around the Water Villas and Spa, where they can be observed and enjoyed through the glass panel flooring.

Fish Lab - -sorting Clarks Clownfish juveniles - tub

Fish Lab - sorting Clarks Clownfish juveniles



Fish lab - clownfish juveniles

Fish lab – clownfish juveniles (archive shot from last year)