During the month of September, our five Maldivian clownfish pairs have spawned a record total of eleven times. The number of juvenile clownfish has almost reached 3000 now and our growing-out tanks (housed externally) are close to capacity. We are looking at outsourcing the project to the local island of Kamadhoo and extending our fish-rearing facilities with further tanks where the juveniles will have more space to grow.

Clownfish juvenilesSeahorse juveniles born in our Fish Lab


In September we witnessed a total of three seahorse birthing events, but unfortunately very few juveniles actually survived. Our adult male seahorses have been giving birth in the early morning – the babies need to feed immediately, but are seen to develop the fatal air bubble syndrome very rapidly.
But it’s good news for our 60-day old juveniles: all 105 of them are maturing rapidly and have started eating our self-grown Artemia along with Mysid shrimps collected from the lagoon.

Seahorses - closeup in the Fish Lab