Ossy in rehabilitation immediately after being cut from ghost net[W]e released two turtles this month – Andy and Faaig – and rescued two more – Ossy and Akua. They were both found on 22 August close to Madhirivaadhoo in two separate ghost nets. After being cut free, they were brought back to Landaa’s turtle rehabilitation centre where they were cleaned and treated for their wounds.

Ossy is a 55cm juvenile Olive Ridley who is missing her front left flipper due to entanglement in the (huge) ghost net. Her wound was cleaned and treated, but unfortunately she has not been taking food on her own so we are force-feeding her at the moment. We plan to release Ossy with a satellite tag once her condition improves.

Akua is a 63cm female Olive Ridley who was found badly entangled in a ghost net and was cut free by Aku. She is missing her back left flipper from a previous injury, and is suffering from deep lacerations on both front flippers as well as showing buoyancy problems. Akua has also been force fed because she is underweight and not showing much interest in food. We also hope to release Akua with a satellite tag in the near future.

Akua tangled in a ghost net before being rescued

Current Residents

Our rescue facilities here at Landaa Giraavaru are currently at full capacity – along with Ossy and Akua, we have Naushad (rescued in July) and our long term residents Zahiya, Bobita, and Elisa. Bobita’s buoyancy has continued to improve and we hope to be able to release her in the next few months. Elisa is currently housed temporarily in a tub due to space constraints.

Jessica overcoming her buoyancy problemMeanwhile, over in Kuda Huraa we currently have two patients, Elsa and Jessica –

Elsa – was brought to us last month from Bandos Island Resort. Upon arrival she suffered from buoyancy issues and her recently amputated flipper needed to be treated to prevent infection. Now that the stump is healed we have started air extraction to improve her buoyancy and it seems to be working – we will continue this treatment regularly until she is able to dive.

Jessica – arrived five months ago from Gili Lankan Fushi, and is improving every day. With only one flipper she suffered buoyancy problems and swimming difficulties; however, with regular treatment and training she is now able to dive to the bottom of the pool. We will keep working to strengthen her flipper until she reaches full recovery and is strong enough to be released.