During the month of August we observed a total of ten spawns from our Maldivian clown fish breeding pairs, and now our holding tanks are filled with hundreds of juveniles. Our five pairs of Clark’s anemone fish, however, have not spawned at all these last three months, so we have now released them back into the lagoon.

Maldivian Clownfish Juveniles (August 2013)

Our seahorses gave birth twice this month but the survival rate remains disappointingly low. From the last three batches we have a total of 75 juveniles – they are growing very fast, so we should have more breeding pairs soon.

Seahorse close-up in our breeding tank

And finally, we have observed some strange arrivals here on Landaa’s beaches this month, with a bloom of bioluminescent plankton being observed on 5 August, and a mass of krill washing up on the beach on 31 August. The krill were collected as food for the fish and seahorses, as they provide excellent nutrition.

Piles of krill washed up on the beach (31-Aug-13)

Bioluminescent Plankton (05-Aug-13)