Green Turtle ‘Head Start’ Project

On 25 July we released ‘Coral’, one of our reared green turtles who had grown to almost 30 cm in length. This is part of our ongoing Turtle Nest Protection & Rearing Program, where we give a few select individuals a ‘head start’.

Coral our reared green turtle swimming freeCoral our reared green turtle swimming free


Turtle Rehabilitation

ELSA – On 9 July we received a new juvenile Olive Ridley turtle from Bandos Island Resort. The turtle, named ‘Elsa’, had been found the previous day entangled in a fishing net. She was suffering from a laceration to the neck and her front right flipper was already missing; sadly the front left flipper also needed to be amputated. The team at Bandos performed the amputation and transported her to our rehab centre here at Kuda Huraa. Unfortunately, with both front flippers now missing we are not sure about Elsa’s ability to ever survive in the wild.

JESSICA is still with us – her buoyancy is improving now, and with some effort she is able to dive down to the bottom of the pool. To aid her recovery, we have started to take Jessica out to the house reef for swimming and diving practice, to build her muscles and improve buoyancy.

Elsa after arrival (note her 2 missing front flippers)Jessica having swimming practice


Turtle Satellite Tracking

You can read our latest satellite tracking reports and view our interactive maps here, for Kuda Huraa and for Landaa Giraavaru.

Meanwhile we occasionally see NOAH, who despite being released back in November 2012 still remains in the local area. Most recently, we photographed him on a snorkelling excursion at Makunudhoo Reef – notice the satellite tracking tag, clearly visible.


Noah swimming wild at Makunudhoo Reef