[T]his month we re-populated our breeding tanks at Landaa Giraavaru with five pairs of Maldivian Clownfish (Amphiprion nigripes) and five pairs of Clark’s Clownfish (Amphirion clarkii). Once re-housed, they soon started to exhibit breeding behaviour by cleaning the glass of the tanks to prepare for laying eggs.

Clownfish breeding pairs in our Fish LabCleaning our Marine Aquarium this month

[W]e spent some time this month cleaning out our Marine Aquarium and re-populating with some new species. Because the tank is so large, it’s necessary for our ‘volunteer’ to completely submerge him/herself to get to all those hard-to-reach areas!

Aquarium Cleaning - last year

[W]e have also redesigned our interactive “touch tank” and added a few new creatures, including –

  • the Sponge Snail (Coriocella hibyae),
  • two Flounders (Bothus pantherinus) which are almost impossible to spot when resting on the sand, and
  • the strangely named ‘Horrid Sea Cucumber’ (Stichopus horrens) which is not as nasty as the name suggests!

You can watch our new residents below, in a special time-lapse video – Touchpool Sea Cucumber Race – and for more photos of our Marine Aquarium and Fish Lab inhabitants, you can visit our Photo Galleries page here.

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