'Uno' the injured Olive Ridley turtleThe latest turtle to be brought into our rehabilitation centre was rescued by islanders from our neighbouring island of Kihaadhoo.

The severely injured olive ridley turtle, with a 57-centimetre carapace, was found entangled in a fishing net already missing its two rear flippers. On arrival at our rehabilitation centre, we unfortunately had to amputate the dangling front left flipper, leaving just one functional flipper remaining. The turtle is in poor shape but we are determined to do all we can to help it; check back here for updates on its progress.

Our thanks go out to the islanders of Kihaadhoo for their immediate actions to save the turtle and contact our rehabilitation centre upon finding it. The same islanders are also working hard to catch herrings in their lagoon to help us supply the daily diet of the false killer whale that we are currently caring for.

Thank you Kihaadhoo – your assistance is very much appreciated!

We’ve named our newest visitor ‘Uno’.