Video showcasing our Reefscapers work, commissioned for COP18 – the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha, 2012

‘The Coral Planters’ – Maldives Coral Rejuevination from DIGITAL CINEMA FILMS on Vimeo.

One of four films that DCF Media Ltd. shot for WRG with collaboration of the Four Seasons Resorts and
It sadly depicts the unfortunate demise of the corals reefs around the 1200 islands of the Maldives. Thankfully we have Thomas Le Berre and Marie Saleem of SeaMarc who are dedicated to rejuvenating the reefs via their underwater coral frame planting.
Directed By – Ollie Solman
Cameras & Tech – Adam Hall, Leo Bund
Red Epic Camera, Underwater housing & Octocopter Supplied by DCF Media Ltd.

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COP18 – Doha Climate Change Conference – November 2012

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