November saw the emotional release of the first 14 turtles from Kuda Huraa’s rearing program, including four with satellite tags.

Three green turtles and one hawksbill were released by our MDC team in Kuda Huraa’s house reef; with a further three green and three hawksbill turtles released at one of the Resort’s weekly Managers’ cocktail receptions.

Turtle Release on Kuda Huraa BeachMaking their way to the oceanSatellite-tagged and swimming free


The third and most exciting event was the release of our first satellite tagged turtles reared on site. Approximately 15 months after hatching, the two hawksbill turtles, Scud and Noah, and two green turtles, Tiger and Margarita, had reached 30 centimetres in shell length, deeming them safe from most of their natural predators and ready to be released back into the ocean.

On 25 November, they were each equipped with satellite tags capable of recording their position, temperature and immersion time, before being released from a dhoni at our Coral Gardens reef by the MDC team accompanied by some guests and staff. It was an emotional end to a whole 15 months of acquaintance in our rearing programme! We wish all our little charges well and look forward to following their whereabouts via their tags, while amassing new date on juvenile sea turtles’ migrations patterns in the Indian Ocean.

Follow their route here on the satellite tracking map, and check back soon for more updates on our next set of released babies!

Video : Satellite Tagged Turtles are Released on Kuda Huraa


Turtle released with satellite tag