[O]n September 21, 103 green turtle hatchlings emerged from the sand on Kuda Huraa’s Sunrise Beach – the first wild turtles to be born on the island in 15 years. 

To further add to the wondrous event, the green turtle that laid the eggs was seen by many guests in the Resort on July 24, 58 days before the babies started to hatch, when she unusually came ashore during daylight in search of a suitable nest site.


The first wild turtles to be born on the island in 15 years


[A]fter imprinting on the beach and spending a day in isolated safety in the Resort’s Marine Discovery Centre, the majority of the babies were released into the ocean beyond the house reef, away from their many reef predators. A couple of the hatchlings will be reared in the Resort’s turtle pools for up to 15 months – as part of our government-accredited Maldivian Sea Turtle Conservation Programme – to further improve their chance of survival in the wild.

Green Turtle on KH Beach
Green Turtle hatchlings on Kuda Huraa