December 2011 – was a very busy month for the MDC at Landaa Giraavaru – we transplanted 51 new frames (a monthly record), 32 of which were sponsored by guests.

33 small frames, 15 medium, 2 large, and 1 ‘Christmas tree’.

The new frames are located in the East Beach area (in front of Villas 201 – 203), and the Staff Beach. We also put 13 new frames in a new area close to the older square Blu frames. The reef in this area is quite rubbly and could use more live coral cover, so we plan on placing more frames around the patch reefs here next month.

Frames are growing really well in the Staff Beach area due to a very strong current at the moment. We are placing some of the newer sponsored frames here temporarily so that they will grow quickly, and we can then move them to areas that are more challenging to grow coral.

YEARLY FIGURES – The total number of frames we transplanted this year comes to 521. This is up significantly from 2010 (375 frames). Total number of guest-sponsored frames for this year was 337, an average of 28 sponsored frames per month. Again this number is significantly higher than last year’s total of 242 guest-sponsored frames.

Frames located at the East Beach (purple), Dive Site (pink), and Coral Garden (blue).