Baby Green Turtle

November 2011 – Dwindling sea turtle populations across Maldivian waters have prompted Four Seasons Resorts Maldives to take action to help safeguard the world’s oldest existing reptiles.

Kuda Huraa’s new Marine Discovery Centre houses the headquarters of the Kuda Velaa (Little Turtles) Protection Programme. This government-endorsed initiative works simultaneously to increase awareness of turtle conservation throughout the Maldives, safeguard nests and rear green turtle hatchlings until they are big and strong enough to protect themselves in the wild. Hatchlings are reared in land-based pools, adapted to the wild in lagoon enclosures and released with GPS trackers to help track foraging and migration patterns.

Over at Landaa Giraavaru, the Resort’s marine team has enjoyed much success with its turtle rehabilitation centre, most recently releasing April the Olive Ridley turtle back to the wild after a lengthy recuperation. The team also recently relocated a wild nest of 132 turtle eggs to a safe, handmade egg chamber near the Resort’s main jetty. Of the 127 ensuing hatchlings, 112 were released into safer, deeper waters past the reef’s edge (once they had imprinted on their nesting beach), while 15 were sent to Kuda Kudaa to be raised under the Kuda Velaa Turtle Protection Programme.

Marine wildlife

Other recent Resort initiatives include the founding of the Thulhadhoo Turtle Stadium on the island of Thulhadhoo in exchange for 350 households vowing to protect the island’s turtles and their eggs.

Heartfelt thanks to the many guests who have already pledged their support for our little turtle friends – we look forward to many more successful rescues and protection programmes in the coming months.

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