Latest News from our Volunteers and Interns

Fish Lab: Fun Facts and Fascinating Findings

Our volunteer Mark follows his passion for marine biology down to the fish lab, where he gets to work with our Clownfish sustainable breeding project.
Learn about our Maldivian and Clark’s Clownfish as they hatch from a clutch of tiny eggs, through a larval stage before developing into miniature ‘Nemo’ juveniles.

Mark’s Marine Biology Blog

Meet Mark, our latest Eco-Volunteer to help with our marine conservation projects here in the Maldives.
By the second day, Mark is getting to know our rescue turtle patients and assisting with feeding times. There is also time for a boat trip, where he has an unforgettable encounter with a pod of false killer whales.

Adam’s Turtle Tales

Adam is our new intern at Kuda Huraa, and he joins us fresh from university and full of enthusiasm!
He is helping with our turtle conservation projects – injured rescue turtles and the hatchling head start programme. You can join Adam as he releases a turtle with a satellite tracking tag, and see why he’s got one eye on the waves …

Nicole’s Daily Diary

Meet Nicole, who travelled from Germany to join us for 6 weeks as a marine biology volunteer at our Discovery Centre.
She helps with caring for our Olive Ridley turtles, which have been rescued from entanglement in ghost fishing nets.
Nicole also visits an uninhabited Maldivian island to document wild turtle nests, and assists with a hatchling release.

Emily’s Adventures – The Final Chapters

Say goodbye to Emily, as she finishes her marine biology internship with us. Before she left, Emily had time to finish her blog and take some more great photos !
There is lots of fun on land, as she helps our apprentices with a new coral frame and is interviewed for Japanese TV.
Whilst underwater, Emily helps with our Reefscapers programme and continues to be impressed with the fascinating Maldivian marine life.

Emily’s Adventures – Chapter 4

Emily has enjoyed her marine biology internship so much, that she’s returned for further adventures!
She continues with her coral experiments, and learns about the mass coral spawning event that occurs at this time of year.
Emily gets to see some fascinating marine life whilst diving and snorkelling around the resort, and then finds time to volunteer for a special kind of treatment …

Dhiya’s Creatures of Landaa

We bring you Dhiya’s delightful diary of her days with us, pursuing her passions as a marine biology intern. Enjoy stories and photographs of the countless creatures she encountered both above and below the waves, from crabs and turtles, to guitar sharks and ink-squirting sea hares !
Dhiya also learns about our lab’s Clownfish breeding programme, and proves to be a big help assisting with our national Turtle ID project.

Emily’s Adventures – Chapter 3

Catch up with Emily as she completes her third month with us here at Marine Savers.
She’s been busy both above and below the waves, helping with the build-a-reef activities at the Kids’ Club and then monitoring at our new ‘Starfish’ site.
Emily also found the time for a special night snorkel, and was amazed at what she saw …

Emily’s Adventures – Chapter 2

Catch up with Emily in her second blog instalment as a marine biology intern, and learn about her experiments with coral fragments.
Emily also helps to release some Green Turtles from our ‘head start’ programme, and encounters the menace Crown Of Thorns starfish on the reef.

Emily’s Adventures – Chapter 1

Enjoy the first chapter of Emily’s blog, as she starts her marine biology internship.
After a brief (magic) spell dressing up as ‘Snow White’, Emily pursues her interests in coral biology with our Reefscapers team.
She also enjoys some time on our guest excursions, with some exciting encounters both above and below the waves.

Roz’s Marine Biology Diary

Follow Roz’s adventures on her internship here with us at Marine Savers. She gives marine biology presentations and helps with our guided snorkel safaris, to increase awareness of the fascinating wildlife here in Baa Atoll’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Roz also manages to find some free time to cross some interesting items from her bucket list …

Lauren’s Marine Biology Blog

Join Lauren as she settles in to our marine biology Volunteers Programme here in the Maldives, and see some fabulous photos taken during her 1 month placement with our team.
Lauren meets the turtle rescue patients to learn about “ghost nets” and “floating syndrome”. Then she ventures underwater to help with our Reefscapers coral propagation programme and manages to find time to snorkel with mantas at the legendary Hanifaru Bay …

Sophie’s Marine Biology Internship

Say hello to our resident intern Sophie, who has come to work with us here at Marine Savers for 3 months.
Sophie gets busy with our turtles, helping with both an attempted rescue and a release, and learns about our current residents.
And unusually for our Marine Discovery Centre, we are also taking care of 2 furry residents … !

Volunteering in the Maldives with Marine Savers

Meet Keith, the latest Volunteer to signup for our Programme.
He took a break from his busy office job to experience life as a marine biologist here in the Maldives. He is soon helping out with the turtle patients, and learning all about our Reefscapers coral propagation project.
Keith even finds the time for some recreational diving and a spot of meditative yoga.

Dayna’s Days as an Intern

Join Dayna, our marine biology intern here at Kuda Huraa.
See how she uses her veterinarian skills and training to help save the lives of our sea turtles, injured from entanglement in drifting ghost fishing nets.
Learn about her research project with our turtle hatchlings, and go diving as Dayna explores the rich underwater marine life.

Marine Biology Volunteers

Have you ever wanted to work in the Maldives, to experience the life of a marine biologist ?
We are welcoming Volunteers to help us with our marine conservation projects – coral reef propagation, turtle conservation and more!
Meet Winy & Hazel, as they get hands on with our coral frames and rescue turtles.

Marine Biology Internship

Say hello to Mailis, our new intern at Landaa Giraavaru.
She is studying turtle conservation in the Maldives, so our rehabilitation centre provides the perfect educational home for a few months, caring for our rescue patients.

Cath’s Blog – Chapter 2

Catch up with Cath’s adventures at Kuda Huraa and enjoy her great marine life photos and fabulously fun video!
We also have news of ‘megafauna’ sightings from our guest excursions, and meet the Fish Lab clownfish in their new home out in the lagoon.

Meet Cath – our new Marine Biology Intern

Hello! My name is Cath, and I am the new intern working here at Kuda Huraa until the end of June. I recently completed my undergraduate degree, studying Marine Biology at Portsmouth University, and was delighted to be offered the opportunity to work here in this Maldivian paradise for 3 months!

Beth’s Marine Biology Blog – chapter 3

Join our intern Beth here at Kuda Huraa, as she helps with the guest dolphin excursions and dives beneath the waves to photograph turtles on the reef.
Beth also assists with an emergency surgical operation on ‘Naseeb’ – a rescued Olive Ridley turtle, found entangled in a discarded fishing line and now recovering at our Centre.

Beth’s Marine Biology Blog – chapter 2

Join our intern Beth, as she helps with our Reefscapers coral propagation projects during her second month here at the Marine Discovery Centre, Kuda Huraa.
Beth also gets hands on experience with our sea turtle rescue & rehabilitation programme, as she takes part in a daring mid-ocean rescue to save ‘Buddy’ !

Beth’s Marine Biology Blog

Join Beth, our new intern at the Marine Discovery Centre, Kuda Huraa, as she learns about caring for the sea turtles in our Head Start Programme, and attends a ‘ghost net’ awareness course.
Beth helps out with our national Turtle ID Project, photographing wild sea turtles on the reef, and there’s a spectacular dolphin cruise !

Working as an Intern at Marine Savers

Read a special report from our intern Adrelia, who worked with us at the end of the year.
Take a look behind-the-scenes at Marine Savers through a fresh pair of eyes, as Adrelia gets to grips with the day-to-day tasks of a marine biologist, and learns more about our long term conservation projects here in the Maldives.

Coral Reef Propagation Experiments

We were lucky to observe our second coral spawning event of the year, and we investigate marine biodiversity. Join us as we take a detailed look at the sea creatures that have taken up home in our coral frames … prepare to be amazed at the number and diversity of species that we found !

Coastal Populations of the Blacktip Reef Shark

Meet Glen, our new research intern based at our Marine Discovery Centre here at Kuda Huraa, and learn more about his shark identification project. Using baited camera traps, Glen hopes to uniquely identify the local Blacktip sharks to quantify the population.

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