Tina Rescue Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle Hatchling, EI.N011.043, admitted 24 September 2017, Kuda Funafaru, Maldives


Weight / Length – 21g / 4.4cm (Sept); 69g / 7.1cm (December)

Tina was found between some rocks after a storm in Kuda Funafaru. She was admitted to our programme on 24 September, looking small & weak, but after meeting Ethan she was soon swimming around and diving for food. She often swims around like the little one of the family, waking everyone up!

Tina spends her days playing with Ethan around the pool, and she is growing really fast.

December 2017

Tina is diving after her food, favourite being lobster. She is always playing with the green hatchlings or with her toys, and enjoys sleeping at the surface of the pool after every meal.

14 March 2018

Sadly, Tina died today. She had stopped eating and had become increasingly lethargic over these last two months. She was not growing at a normal rate, so we assumed something was wrong internally. We were giving antibiotics.
At autopsy, we noted an enlarged stomach and other organs.

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