Sweetie Rescue Turtle

Juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.108), admitted 12-Mar-17, One & Only Reethi Rah, North Malé Atoll, Maldives


Weight: 35.5kg (admission);
Length: 66.5cm (admission);

Sweetie was rescued by boat crew from One & Only Reethi Rah Resort while out on a snorkelling excursion. She was found floating, struggling to dive and was missing her front right flipper, which had a small open wound.

Sweetie was promptly brought to our facility at Kuda Huraa by our resident marine biologists and was admitted for wound care and fluid therapy. Upon arrival we treated her wound with raw honey to remove harmful bacteria that would impede the healing process. Due to her noticeable buoyancy issues, the team used coelomocentesis techniques to extract any air potentially trapped under her carapace.

Sweetie is slowly settling in and becoming more active, attempting to dive frequently and has gaining a substantial appetite, particularly for lobster and squid!

Update 30 March 2017
We have been making daily efforts to remove as much gas as possible from her body cavity; we estimate that 4000+cc of air has been removed. Despite this treatment, she is not showing any noticeable improvement in her buoyancy in the water or her ability to dive. Because of her aggressive nature, she is unable to be in the largest pool with our other rescue turtles; she is in a smaller pool which is causing her to become agitated during treatments and disinterested in food. In April we plan on consulting with the vet in Baa Atoll.

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