Oscar Rescue Turtle

Green turtle hatchling (CM.N027.110), 30-May-16, Dusit Thani (Baa Atoll), Maldives


Hatch date: 30/05/16 at Dusit Thani, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Initial weight / length: 22g / 4.8cm

Current weight / length: 1166g / 19.0cm (November 2016); 2.9kg / 26.3cm (February 2017);

February 2017
Honu, Bodhi, Oscar, Rex, Tony – our green turtle juveniles are are developing well and gaining weight quickly, and are now in their “toddler phase” as seen by their behaviour! They have become very bold and boisterous, often making a scene when they leave the pool for our monitoring sessions!
As our rescue Olive Ridley turtles recover from their injuries and are released, we will be able to move our Head Start hatchlings into the larger pools. This increased space should help them grow to our target size of 30cm before release. In the mean time, these toddlers are more than happy to play with enrichment devices (turtle toys) and eat up all the lettuce they can manage!

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