Luc Rescue Turtle

juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.112), admitted 04-May-17, safari boat, Maldives


Weight: 8.65kg (admission);
Length: 40.0cm (admission);

Luc was found by crew members from a cruising live aboard who spotted a mass of marine debris floating on the ocean surface. Upon further inspection, they found Luc along with two other turtles entangled in the heavy net. Thankfully, one individual was able to be released on site, however Boo and Luc were not as lucky.

The crew did fantastic work to extract them from their net and care for them while in transit to our Kuda Huraa facility. Once admitted, these two new patients were placed in fresh water baths overnight to help rehdrate them.

Luc is already gaining strength, being very active on the treatment table and in his recovery pool. This is all encouraging behaviour that he may respond quickly to his treatment plan. Luc’s overall body condition is relatively healthy with a good neck size and no signs of a sunken plastron. Luc, like Boo, suffered abrasions over all of his flippers and to half of his carapace. The most noticeable and severe injury is on his right front flipper which has left his bone exposed, however he is making use of it as he manoeuvres himself around the pool. Luc will remain at our centre until his flipper has completely healed and is able to feed and dive unsupervised.

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