Landaa Giraavaru Hatchlings Rescue Turtle

Green Turtle Hatchlings, CM.N0xx.126 to 130, hatched 19 October 2017, Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives

126 – Machiato – 22g / 4.7cm (admission); 
127 – Smash –    23g / 4.9cm (admission); 
128 – Chili –    29g / 5.1cm (admission); 
129 – Pepper –   23g / 4.9cm (admission); 
130 – Rocky –    28g / 5.1cm (admission); 

During August 2017, a green sea turtle laid a nest at Landaa Giraavaru. The next morning, staff found the tracks and were able to locate the nest. After 60 days, our team of Biologists excavated the nest to find the hatchlings were tired from struggling to emerge from the sand. Out of the total 105 eggs, sadly just 5 produced healthy hatchlings. Among the rest, we counted 4 with development failure and 96 without embryos (unfertilised). It is difficult to explain this low development rate; it could be from the nesting turtle’s side or from the beach incubation conditions.

Turtle tracks on the beach

Screening off the turtle nest

Unhatched turtle embryo

The five lucky hatchlings were brought back to our Centre for treatment, and then transferred to Kuda Huraa to the Head Start programme, where we will grow them on to reach 4kg before release.
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