Landaa Giraavaru Hatchlings Rescue Turtle

Green Turtle Hatchlings, CM.N038, hatched 20 April 2018, Landaa Giraavaru, Baa Atoll, Maldives


CM.139 Picaso – 20g/4.7cm; 243g/243g (Oct);
CM.140 Hicup  – 21g/4.7cm;
CM.141 Shelly – 21g/4.7cm;
CM.143 Tori   – 21g/4.4cm; 157g/ 9.3cm (Oct);
CM.144 Sylvia – 20g/4.6cm; 273g/11.8cm (Oct);
CM.145 Pinto  – 21g/4.7cm; 247g/11.3cm (Oct);
CM.146 Maria  – 19g/4.4cm; 215g/10.7cm (Oct);

These little hatchlings came from one of our nests on Landaa Giraavaru beach. They will spend a year in our turtle ‘Head Start’ programme at Kuda Huraa, growing up and getting stronger before being released into the wild.

Green turtle hatchlings Maldives Marine Savers (23)
Green turtle hatchlings Maldives Marine Savers (40) 1080

Updates July 2018

Hicup started to lose weight and sadly died on 27 July.
Shelly became lethargic and underweight, and despite administering antibiotics and treating for re-hydration, sadly died on 31 July.

The surviving hatchlings are very active and growing at a fast rate. They love to munch on sea grass but their favourite seems to be pieces of lobster! Pinto has overcome a skin infection and is much improved.

Turtle hatchling growth rates (weight) [CM139-46]

Turtle hatchling growth rates over time (weight in grammes)

Updates October 2018

After an upgrade on their pool, these little ones enjoy going around their new pool, getting stronger by the day and learning how to dive deeper. Tori has a recurrent eye infection that’s its being treated every day, the rest of the time she will enjoy playing with the enrichment.

Green turtle hatchlings hand reared Maldives N038 (0207)
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