Franklin Rescue Turtle

Green Turtle Hatchling, CM.N135.131, hatched 6 January 2018, Centara Ras Fushi, N.Malé Atoll, Maldives

131 – Franklin – 49g / 6.2cm (admission); 

This little guy was brought to us on 8 January, after being rescued with his siblings in Centara Ras Fushi (North Malé Atoll). We kept all the hatchlings under observation for a few days, as they were sleeping much of the time and not ready for release. Once the hatchlings became active, we were able to assess each individual to determine suitability for release.

Franklin was admitted to our Head Start programme due to a deformation on his carapace. So far, he hasn’t presented any problems; he is very active, with a great personality and loves lobster! Franklin will stay with us until he is strong and ready for release.

March 2018

Head start Green turtle hatchling Franklin [N135.CM131]
Head start Green turtle hatchling Franklin [N135.CM131]
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