Faaz Rescue Turtle

juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.113), admitted 16-May-17, Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives


Weight: 5.0kg (27-Jun-17)

Length: 31.4cm (27-Jun-17);

This juvenile Olive Ridley was found entangled in a small piece of fishing net, near ‘Blu Beach’ at Four Seasons Landaa Giravaaru. Faaz was admitted with a full amputation to his left front flipper, as well as other cuts to his flippers and neck. This active and playful juvenile is settling in quickly at our Centre, taking immediate interest in food and spending much of the day trying to dive.

We are encouraged by his initial behaviour in the recovery pool and expect him to be returned to the wild as soon as his lacerations have healed.

May 2017
Faaz is currently being treated with antibiotics and freshwater baths against dehydration, alongside daily wound care. He is also suffering from floating syndrome, finding it difficult to dive below 50cm, although he occasionally reaches the bottom of the pool to pick up pieces of lobster.
During the last two weeks, his neck swelling has reduced, the wounds have started to heal and he continues to be very active. He is feeding well and has a huge appetite!

June 2017
Faaz has made big improvements on his diving skills, and his wounds are healing nicely.
He continues to be very active, is feeding well and has a huge appetite!

July 2017
Faaz was successfully released back into the ocean on 14 July 2017.

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