Club Med Hatchlings – August Rescue Turtle

Green Turtle Hatchlings, CM.N0xx.120 to 123, hatched 28 August 2017, Club Med Finolhu, Maldives


120 – Mushu –    24g / 5.1cm (admission); 
121 – Olaf –     24g / 5.1cm (admission); 
122 – Caroline – 25g / 5.1cm (admission); 
123 – Leonardo – 25g / 5.1cm (admission); 


These four newly hatched Green Turtles (CM.120-CM.123) were found at Club Med Finolhu and admitted into our hatchling Head Start programme at Kuda Huraa. They will be eligible for release after 11-12 months, once they reach the target size of 30cm in shell length and 4kg in weight.

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