Chomper Rescue Turtle

adult male Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.125), admitted 24 January 2018, COMO Maalifishi, Thaa Atoll, Maldives


Weight: 21.0kg (upon admission); 23.3kg (Mar-18);
Length: 61.8cm (upon admission); 61.8cm (Mar-18);

Chomper was found floating on the ocean surface, entangled in a fishing net drifting close to Como Maalifushi (Thaa Atoll). He was rescued by staff members of the resort and sent to us on 24 January.
Chomper is an adult male (unusual) Olive Ridley turtle, missing both of his right flippers from an old injury (already healed), and covered with some barnacles and algae on his carapace … but he has scrubbed up nicely ! He does have difficulty diving below the surface (turtle buoyancy syndrome) but is making attempts to dive, has a great personality, and will hopefully make a speedy recovery.

March 2018

Chomper has a good appetite for every kind of food we give him, although he is still floating at the surface of his recovery pool. The wounds on his carapace are healing nicely. We take Chomper for rehabilitation swims in the lagoon every week, and he is trying hard to dive down to the sea bed.

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