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Here you can find details of our Reefscapers coral frames at Four Seasons Resorts Maldives. We hope to bring you updated photographs every 6 months, to enable you to follow the progress of your sponsored frame as the corals take hold and flourish. (No photos found ? Please visit our Coral Frame Archive.)

Thank you to all our sponsors for supporting our important coral reef propagation work

New Collection (photographs from mid-2016 onwards)

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  • To see an example, simply type a tag # such as 1643 and press submit.
  • Sponsor your very own frame and receive an email when new photographs have been uploaded (approximately every 6 months).
  • No frames found ? For photographs from 2007-2016, please visit our Coral Frame Archive and read about the devastating global coral bleaching event during March to May 2016, that affected many of our coral frames.
Mature Coral Frame (KH185)

Coral Frame # KH185 (Kuda Huraa) was transplanted in December 2008, and is pictured here in May 2011

Coral Frame Examples

Small Coral Frame LG0600

Medium Coral Frame LG1014

Large Coral Frame KH0830

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Our 2016 Coral Bleaching Report explains the seasonal effects of El Niño, with photos of the coral bleaching event (March to May 2016) and its aftermath, and details of our efforts to regenerate the reefs. For photographs from 2007 to mid-2016, please visit our Coral Frame Archive.

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