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Coral Bleaching Updates

The Maldives is experiencing unusually high ocean temperatures during March-May 2016, which is causing paling and bleaching in some of the corals, both on our Reefscapers frames and on the natural reefs.
Read about the seasonal effects of El Niño, learn of our experiments to minimise coral bleaching and see our latest photos of the reef.

Coral Taxonomy Project

We are teaming up with international coral experts to start an exciting taxonomical identification project, using specialised genetic techniques for the first time in Maldives.
This will increase our understanding of coral species and symbiotic algae, and help identify any coral hybrids with potential resistance to climate change and warming ocean temperatures.

Reefscapers Coral Frames

Our Reefscapers coral propagation teams are extra-busy this month, as we enter the warmest period of the year.
Learn about our coral experiments, and our efforts to reduce the impacts of the seasonally hot ocean temperatures in the Maldives.
We also have an exciting photo gallery, as our team slip into dive suits and use air lift bags in a major project to relocate some of our “at risk” coral frames.

Emily’s Adventures – Chapter 4

Emily has enjoyed her marine biology internship so much, that she’s returned for further adventures!
She continues with her coral experiments, and learns about the mass coral spawning event that occurs at this time of year.
Emily gets to see some fascinating marine life whilst diving and snorkelling around the resort, and then finds time to volunteer for a special kind of treatment …

Dhiya’s Creatures of Landaa

We bring you Dhiya’s delightful diary of her days with us, pursuing her passions as a marine biology intern. Enjoy stories and photographs of the countless creatures she encountered both above and below the waves, from crabs and turtles, to guitar sharks and ink-squirting sea hares !
Dhiya also learns about our lab’s Clownfish breeding programme, and proves to be a big help assisting with our national Turtle ID project.

Marine Discovery Centres

We have a packed report direct from our Marine Discovery Centres this month.
Join the students from Ungoofaaru School on a special tour, and see the opening of our new turtle rehabilitation pool out in Landaa’s lagoon.
Enjoy some fabulous underwater photography, and witness a surprising phenomenon in our Touch Pool …

Emily’s Adventures – Chapter 3

Catch up with Emily as she completes her third month with us here at Marine Savers.
She’s been busy both above and below the waves, helping with the build-a-reef activities at the Kids’ Club and then monitoring at our new ‘Starfish’ site.
Emily also found the time for a special night snorkel, and was amazed at what she saw …

Rearing Sea Turtles For A Head Start

Catch up with our hand-reared Head Start turtle hatchlings, and see how quickly they have grown up to graduate from our Programme.
Say HELLO to Winslow, our smallest Olive Ridley rescue patient ever, and wave a fond FAREWELL to Ollie, who is back to full health after 158 days in our rehabilitation pools.

Coral Frame Updates

Join our Reefscapers teams, as they snorkel around the lagoons to monitor our 4000+ coral frames. We have some great photos of our mature frames, and see our continued battle against the Crown Of Thorns menace.
There’s an update from Emily’s study on the growth rate of corals, and we welcome a group of students visiting from Ungoofaru School.

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