Welcome to Marine Savers
the marine conservation team
at Four Seasons Resorts Maldives

Welcome to Marine Savers
the marine conservation team at
Four Seasons Resorts Maldives

Latest News from our Marine Discovery Centres

Juliet’s Internship

Meet Juliet, our latest marine biology intern joining us all the way from the U.S. of A. It’s been a busy first month on the job, with many interesting experiences along the way.
Juliet goes hands-on with our Green turtle hatchlings and injured Olive Ridley patients, and is soon helping with our marine presentations and guest safaris … both above and below the waves.

Fish Tails and Fishy Tales

Come and join us down in the Fish Lab for some interesting stories … our baby Clownfish are developing unique patterns, and one of our male seahorses has given birth!
We have updates from our turtle experts about beach nests and the national turtle ID project, and there’s an open invitation to meet the injured turtle patients and hatchlings in our rehabilitation centre.

Our New Sea Turtle Enclosure!

In October we were excited to receive our new sea enclosure, to help with the rehabilitation of our resident injured turtle patients.
It has already proved a great success, with several of our turtles spending time stretching their flippers out in the safety of the lagoon.
Thank you to our valued guests who kindly sponsored this new facility for our turtle rescue centre.

First Manta Festival, Dharavandhoo

24 November 2018 was a legendary day at Dharavandhoo for the First Manta Festival! This great event was organised by the Manta Trust, and dedicated to the young Maldivian generation.
Manta rays are an incredibly valuable asset to Baa Atoll, home to the world famous Hanifaru Bay, so these graceful and majestic animals are the perfect mascot for an educational day dedicated to celebrating marine life.

Marine Savers Monthly Updates

Take a look at our regenerating starfish, and then venture into the Fish Lab to meet our baby Nemo Clownfish with a unique pattern!
We welcome students from the MNU in Malé, and investigate the bleaching of sea anemones.
Then you can discover another Green turtle nest on the beach right here at Landaa, and encounter an unusual marine specimen in the lagoon (can you guess what it is??)

Saphire’s Special Safari

Saphire’s incredible experiences continue this month, with something really special on safari …
Whilst night-snorkelling, there’s parrot fish, lobster and Hawksbills out on the reef, and back on dry land we have another turtle nest discovered on the beach.
Finally whilst out on safari, there’s not only a pod of Pilot Whales but also a very rare sighting of Sperm whales!

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