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Coral Bleaching Updates

The Maldives is experiencing unusually high ocean temperatures during March-May 2016, which is causing paling and bleaching in some of the corals, both on our Reefscapers frames and on the natural reefs.
Read about the seasonal effects of El NiƱo, learn of our experiments to minimise coral bleaching and see our latest photos of the reef.

Mark’s Marine Biology Blog

Meet Mark, our latest Eco-Volunteer to help with our marine conservation projects here in the Maldives.
By the second day, Mark is getting to know our rescue turtle patients and assisting with feeding times. There is also time for a boat trip, where he has an unforgettable encounter with a pod of false killer whales.

Adam’s Turtle Tales

Adam is our new intern at Kuda Huraa, and he joins us fresh from university and full of enthusiasm!
He is helping with our turtle conservation projects – injured rescue turtles and the hatchling head start programme. You can join Adam as he releases a turtle with a satellite tracking tag, and see why he’s got one eye on the waves …

Reefscapers Reef Research

Our coral biologists have had a very busy year, as they continue to monitor our frames and the natural reefs for the effects of coral bleaching.
You can also see a striking coral spawning event, and then join us on a visit to the island of Fainu (Raa Atoll, Maldives) to help a group of local enthusiasts with their coral propagation efforts.

Turtle Conservation Roundup

Catch up with some recent turtle news from our marine discovery centres.
We admit some new Head Start hatchlings and visit an uninhabited island as part of our Nest Protection programme.
You can read about our work on the Maldivian Turtle ID project, and then visit our rehabilitation pool out in the lagoon.

Marine Life – Lab and Ocean

In our fish lab we are starting several new projects to review our Clownfish breeding programme, and out in the lagoon we continue our BRUV baited camera trap experiments.
Join us on a sunset cruise to spot dolphins and whales, and enjoy a breathtaking display of Cetaceans !

Nicole’s Daily Diary

Meet Nicole, who travelled from Germany to join us for 6 weeks as a marine biology volunteer at our Discovery Centre.
She helps with caring for our Olive Ridley turtles, which have been rescued from entanglement in ghost fishing nets.
Nicole also visits an uninhabited Maldivian island to document wild turtle nests, and assists with a hatchling release.

Emily’s Adventures – The Final Chapters

Say goodbye to Emily, as she finishes her marine biology internship with us. Before she left, Emily had time to finish her blog and take some more great photos !
There is lots of fun on land, as she helps our apprentices with a new coral frame and is interviewed for Japanese TV.
Whilst underwater, Emily helps with our Reefscapers programme and continues to be impressed with the fascinating Maldivian marine life.

Coral Taxonomy Project

We are teaming up with international coral experts to start an exciting taxonomical identification project, using specialised genetic techniques for the first time in Maldives.
This will increase our understanding of coral species and symbiotic algae, and help identify any coral hybrids with potential resistance to climate change and warming ocean temperatures.

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