Welcome to Marine Savers
the marine conservation team
at Four Seasons Resorts Maldives

Welcome to Marine Savers
the marine conservation team at Four Seasons Resorts Maldives

Latest News from our Marine Discovery Centres

Fish Lab: Fun Facts and Fascinating Findings

Our volunteer Mark follows his passion for marine biology down to the fish lab, where he gets to work with our Clownfish sustainable breeding project.
Learn about our Maldivian and Clark’s Clownfish as they hatch from a clutch of tiny eggs, through a larval stage before developing into miniature ‘Nemo’ juveniles.

Marine Discovery Centre News

We have a packed report from our Centres at Kuda Huraa and Landaa Giraavaru.
Read about Samy, an Olive Ridley turtle rescued from entanglement in a ghost fishing net and now recovering well from his injuries.
Meet our new ‘Head Start’ hatchlings, and join the students from Kurendhoo school on a tour of our facilities.

Fish Life From Lab To Lagoon

Join us down in the Fish Lab to catch up on our Clownfish breeding project, and take a seat at the recent Shark and Ray Symposium.
Then venture underwater to see wild Hawksbills feeding on the reef, and enjoy our candid underwater video (BRUV) to learn how the fish behave when no one is looking !

Maldivian Sea Turtle Updates

Meet the latest graduates from our turtle ‘Head Start’ Programme, as they are released back into the ocean.
Read about our latest rehabilitation efforts as we rescue Olive Ridley turtles from entrapment in drifting ‘ghost’ fishing nets.
And then learn how you can help with the Maldivian Sea Turtle ID Project, by sending us your photos of wild turtles on the reef.

Our Flying Turtles : From Maldives to Europe

Read the full story of our amazing Flying Turtles journey !
See how we prepare our rescue turtles for their 5000 mile trip of a lifetime, and then join Stephanie and Sebastien as they travel by sea and air en route to Europe.
Enjoy our photos of the journey, and learn how the turtles are settling in to their new luxury aquarium lifestyle.

Coral Bleaching Updates

The Maldives experienced unusually high ocean temperatures during March-May 2016, which caused paling and bleaching in corals both on our Reefscapers frames and on the natural reefs.
Read about the seasonal effects of El Niño, see our photos of the coral bleaching event and its aftermath, and learn of our experiments to minimise future damage and regenerate the reefs.

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